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2011 Foal Season
We have 3 jennets expecting foals for the 2011 Season. Jenny Kate is due in June. Her last foal was a Blue eyed,Frosted Spotted Jack. Jenny Bob is due in August. Her last foal was a Blue Eyed Ivory Jack. Jenny Spot is due in October her last foal was a Frosted Spotted Jennet. If you are interested in the foals for 2011 please give us a call. 575-682-2351

Happy Ass Minis Latte Happy Ass Minis Latte

Little Miss Latte was born on October 17, 2010. She is a beautiful girl. Her Mother is Spotted and her Father is Spotted and she is a beautiful Frosted Spotted Ivory with blue eyes.Our farm is a registered member of the American Donkey and Mule Society. The ADMS is currently processing our paperwork and as soon as it's done I will provide you with her papers. Half down on reservation and the other half due when you take her home. $1300.00 SOLD

Happy Ass Minis Hugo
Happy Ass Minis Hugo is a handsome jack. His Father is a spotted and his Mother is Grey with White Points. His father is 31 inches tall. His siblings have all proven to stay small. His Dam is 34 inches. His conformation is correct. If you need an Ivory for your breeding program Hugo is the man for you. He is ready to be weaned and is available for pick up today. $1300.00 SOLD

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